Ercol Dropleaf Table, SOLD

A truly lovely Ercol dropleaf table from the 1960s. Boasting a superb English Elm table top, with wonderful grain, we have stripped it back to bare wood, bringing its true beauty to light. Three coats of Danish Oil have been applied, to enhance the patina and nourish the wood.

To complement the simple beauty of the table top, the frame (which is in lovely, sturdy condition) has been finished in a black gloss paint, which offers a contrast to the Elm, and will work with a vast array of colour schemes and decors.

Offering great versatility, the ercol dropleaf has many variants, all of which are loved for their ability to be a number of dining solutions in one design. Each leaf is supported by a strong metal rod that slides out and back into the main frame of the table when not needed; a table that grows with your family? Genius.

Height 71cm
Width 75cm
Length with both leaves up 140cm
Length with one leaf up 103cm
Length with both leaves down 67cm
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