Parker Knoll 988 armchair, £290

A classic mid century armchair from the world renowned Parker Knoll. Totally rejuvenated, the beautiful wooden arms have been gently refinished to revive the wood, whilst remaining in keeping with the rest of the frame. The exposed wood has been treated with three coats of Danish finishing oil, before three layers of wax are applied to seal and protect the wood.

This beautiful finish is complimented by the dark olive green herringbone upholstery, featuring a slim purple check pattern. Brand new seat foam has been used for the cushion, ensuring that this gorgeous piece complies fully with modern fire regulations.

The bold shape and lines of this chair, and it’s unique upholstery, combine to make something lovely, practical, and utterly special for your home!

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

Height 89cm
Width and widest point 65cm
Depth 70cm

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