G&T (no, not the drink)

Sadly not a blog post about booze, but a different G&T altogether – welcome to another ‘Spotlight’ blog  – a whole post just about one particular fantastic piece of furniture (and not necessarily a new […]

We’re half way there

….whooooaaa, livin’ on a prayer. Actually, I just mean that we are half way through January, that crappiest of months. It’s my absolute least favourite, and it’s almost over. These past few weeks, we’ve been […]

And, breathe…

Happy Monday my loves! January means one thing in this house – 30 days of Yoga.  The January program from yoga goddess and all round good human Adriene Mishler this year is called Breath.  A […]


Welcome back! I hope you all managed to celebrate the festive season in some form or another. Now we are well and truly in to January, and that means it’s our 7th business birthday! Usually […]