Morning vintage lovers! I hope you’re feeling refreshed and invigorated by the sunshine, the cool (read; Arctic) breeze, and the opportunity to travel and little further afield and hopefully see some loved ones from a […]

Spring Fever?

Spring is my favourite time of year.  There’s so much potential in the air, so many new possibilities as everything starts to wake up after the long winter sleep.  Colour starts to creep back into […]

Do Gooder

Thank you, vintage lovers. I’m glad that I chose Plan International as our charity for March, and I’m even more glad that you, lovely customers, have made it possible to give them a great donation […]

Perfect Parkers

Parker Knoll have a long (over 150 years) and illustrious history, which you can find out more about on the very informative timeline video on the their website From furnishing the Victorian upper classes, then […]

What’s new?

Morning vintage fans! Well, it’s morning here, anyway, and I can’t be responsible for your own reading hours – that’s your business. My business, as if you didn’t know, is vintage furniture! And today’s blog […]

Rock On!

You may have noticed, if you’re an eagle eyed Happy Chair fanatic, (or you just sometimes glance at our Instagram) that we have a bit of a thing about rocking chairs. Last week we added […]

The Joker (maybe)

Some people call me the space cowboy…some call me the gangster of love…some people call me Maurice… Maybe Steve Miller and his band were singing about Maurice Burke, space age designer. I really can’t speak […]