Sweater Weather

Welcome back to our first monthly blog! How did September treat you? Busy with a side of hectic plus perhaps a dash of self isolation for good measure? Same, friend, same. But now October is […]

Colour Pop!

Hey there vintage lovers! Just swinging by quickly this week to show you the new bits and bobs we added to the website recently – and what a colourful collection they are, too! These minty […]

Slow Season

I don’t know about you, but I am 100% ready for Summer Holiday Mode. Lockdown, half lockdown, not lockdown, partial lockdown – it’s all been an odd mix of incredibly busy and fairly chilled. Now, […]


July is here! Of course, with a new month comes a new charity to support via Work For Good. For this month it’s the Water Smart Foundation, whose “objective is for the conservation and protection […]

Parker Process

Hello! This week I thought I’d show you some of the various stages a chair goes through when it’s being revamped by us. This particular Parker Knoll 988 is a special commission – the lovely […]


Not too long ago, (or maybe a million years ago, it’s hard to judge these days) I wrote to you about Work for Good, a fantastic organisation who make it supremely easy for small business […]

Work In Progress

Just a quickie this week folks, as I’m buzzing about like a blue arsed fly trying to get things done – working, parenting, and not one but two domestic appliances are on the fritz – […]