Change Your Angle

As the festive season approaches, there’s always that little tingle in the air – excitement, yes, and a hint of the magic to come – along with the potentially crushing weight of the to do list, both domestic and professional, which is looming into view.  Then you also get that tickle.  You know, that one in your throat which turns into an itch which turns into a scratch which turns into a barking cough of doom.  That one.

I am a little under the weather this week, so have been forced/logically coerced/gratefully willing to rest up – meaning no sanding, no painting, no upholstering.  That means work on the SUPER exciting furniture we have in store for you has halted slightly.  Or if we’re being honest, just flat out stopped.

But, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, so instead of stressing about the ‘lost time’ away from work (which is really found time, for important things like breathing properly), let’s consider with glee all the excellent pieces of vintage greatness waiting in the wings.  Literally waiting, in my workshop, are…

1 Ercol sideboard

1 Ercol dropleaf table

2 (yes 2!) early Ercol reclining armchairs, like the one pictured above!

1 Mobler rocking chair

2 Esavian school tables

2 vintage school desks

And a armchair that we haven’t got yet so I can’t tell you too much about it, other than it involves red vinyl and I love it.

…that’s a lot of great vintage furniture, coming your way in the not too distant future!  So let’s change our perspective and look at it in terms of how much there is to look forward to, rather than stuff I should be doing.  It’s not going anywhere, it’ll still be waiting next week when the doom cough is less powerful.

More of these are on the way!

So, rather than bemoan the delay let’s celebrate the huge amount of goodness just waiting to happen.  And if you can find a way to make something a celebration, then that’s a great excuse for cake.


H xx

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