Coming Soon…

Today’s blog post was meant to be a little round up of what I’m working on right now – the lovely pieces of furniture which will soon be heading on to the website for your delectation – and I can most certainly tell you that;

There’s an Ercol sideboard (I know, not the first time I’ve mentioned it, but good things take time!)

An Ercol dropleaf table (round, blonde, lovely.)

A rather tasty brown leather chair (more details to follow)

And a red Toothill number (the cherry on top)

All of which will be fabulous and ready to buy on OUR NEW WEBSITE, which is the other thing I’ve been working on lately. It’s nearly, nearly, nearly ready, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3.png

It not only looks super pretty, but it will allow you to buy directly from us (no extra fees to cover), we can put unlimted numbers of photos up for each item (yay!) and we’ll be able to expand what we can offer you, from furniture to homewares to odd and marvellous vintage curiosities. Happy Chair Home is coming soon!

Beyond that, I’ve just been working on being alive and shepherding the fam through multiple festive activities – so you know, not much 😉

Have a great week vintage lovers,

H xxx

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