G&T (no, not the drink)

Sadly not a blog post about booze, but a different G&T altogether – welcome to another ‘Spotlight’ blog  – a whole post just about one particular fantastic piece of furniture (and not necessarily a new one), taking the time to really go into detail about the process in restoring it, the design choices I’ve made, or maybe the history of the designers.

This week, we’re taking a closer look at –

The Greaves and Thomas Cocktail chair.  This beauty is an excellent example of the craftsmanship of G & T of London, whose company history dates back to around 1900.  Once one of a pair, this chair was a 1960s creation – and the wonderful shape captures the very best features of the mid-century look perfectly.

This rarer model (without arms) is highly desirable and hard to come by.  Knowing therefore that they were little bit extra special, I wanted to give them a unique, but respectful, makeover.

So, they got a total reupholstery job – new back webbing, new padding, new seat foam, and of course new pale green patterned fabric.  However, I did keep the original dark green velour buttons – they not only give a subtle nod to the history of the chair, but they also provide a nice little bit of definition against the paler green background.

The sculpted shape of the Afromosia frame, the leaning angle of the back, and their low seat height combine to give these chairs a somewhat rakish, insouciant air.  They are light and compact and neat, and yet at the same time just a tiny bit louche.  They belong, in my mind, to the morning after a fabulous party…

One of these saucy devils has already found a new home, but one remains, waiting for the perfect new owner…

You can get all the details about this devil-may-care chair, such as dimensions and even more photos on the website, or catch me on Facebook or Insta if you have any other questions.

Chin chin, vintage lovers!

H xx

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