Guess What? Chairs!

This week I’ve got two fantastic new pieces to show you, and they are both actual chairs!

Sometimes we get so carried away with other brilliant bits of furniture – chests of drawers, dining tables, desks, dressing tables – that it makes a pleasant change to come back to the original idea – happy chairs.

So, new on the website recently we have this absolute stunner:

The “Kroken” chair, designed by Ake Fribytter.  This much lauded design from the 1970s pairs a bentwood beech frame with a canvas and leather hammock seat to create what is possibly the most comfortable lounge chair you will ever own. No lie – when Ben sat on it ‘for testing’, he proclaimed it a Danger Chair – once you’re in, you won’t wan to get out.

The beech frame is constructed to create a cantilever, offering strength and flexibility, and is in lovely vintage condition; it has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned, but retains a lovely patina. Cradled in the frame is the upholstery, comprising of strong, supple leather and tough canvas underside. The upholstery is also in lovely condition, with only some very minor marks to the back of the headrest, and the leather has been cleaned and nourished ready for the next owner. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and I love it.

Taking a slightly more understated approach, however, is our latest addition – the Guy Rogers Manhattan Recliner.

We’ve had a couple of these suave little fellas pass through our doors – what makes this one different is the original Harris Tweed upholstery, in amazing condition throughout.

I’ve painstakingly removed it all, in order to replace the webbing and foam in the seat back and cushion, and then replaced it, creating a completely authentic look but with modern comfort levels 🙂

Manufactured in Liverpool in the early 1960s, this recliner just oozes mid century style, with it’s solid Afromosia, or African Teak, frame and laid back, adjustable seating position.

And we have even more actual chairs coming up for you in the next few weeks – including a rather special Ladderax set…

In the meantime, have a wonderful week, vintage lovers

H xx

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