Jolly Holidays

The summer holidays are upon us! What does that even mean? What are days of the week, anyway?

I’m not sure how much different the holidays are going to feel this year – lockdown has been a weird mix of insanely busy and time loop limbo. I’m hoping for more of a sort of ‘relaxed progress’ feeling for the next six weeks, and I’m even daring to hope for some decent weather – I know, I’m being wildly optimistic.

So, there will be a little less Happy Chair activity, as per usual, over the next month or so – but to make up for that, we’ve added a whole FIVE new items to the website in the last few weeks! Here’s a quick pictorial round up:

Abbess Coat Stand
Vintage school desk
Ball Top Coat Stand
Mobler rocking chair
Parker Knoll Rocking Chair

…so that should keep you going for a little while, at least.

Until next time, vintage fans,

H xxx

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