New New New!

Good morning, good morning!

I hope wherever you are, you’re getting to enjoy this little burst of late summer we’re having – the sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s a strong possibility of blackberry and apple crumble for tea – it’s a pretty great September day.

Today’s blog is a quick round of up a couple of the newbies we’ve added to the website in recent weeks, just in case you missed ’em.

Let’s start with this nifty little number – the mid century metamorphic coffee table!

The Transformer of the furniture world, this little lovely features a reverisble top, meaning if you suddeny need some extra seating, you can just flip it over and have yourself a little vinyl upholstered bench!

Next up is the Ercol Chairmakers Chair – a design so brilliant it is in fact still in production today.

Hovering elegantly somewhere between grand and understated, this chair deserves to be called a classic.

In case the kiddos were feeling left out of this mid century style fest, there’s also the Esavian ply wood school table:

Robust enough to take all the creative expression they can throw at it, but also easy on the eye.

Finally, one that I’m really excited about – this hasn’t made it on to the website yet (although it should be by the end of the day if I get a shift on) The Mummenthaler & Meier Magic Box.

Just a peek…

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook to find out when it’s available 🙂

Have a wonderful week vintage lovers,

H xxx

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    1. Hi Emelita,
      We’d be happy to look into the cost of delivering to Jersey – our usual courier doesn’t travel there, but we’d be happy to find you a quote. Drop us an email at, let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll take it from there.
      Hannah 🙂

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