Morning all! Of course, it may not be morning when you are reading this, but it is while I write, and I’m doing my best to stay in the present moment, so, Good Morning.

This week’s blog it just a quick little round up of the new pieces that have hit the website in recent weeks just in case you missed them (perhaps because you were busy being in your present moment, in which case, I salute you.)

So, recent to the ranks of gorgeous Happy Chair furniture, we have:

Vintage School Desks:

These are the last two desks we have in this style, so if you like them, don’t hang about!

Original Arkana Chairs:

With their original fab blue upholstery, this set of 4 does show some signs of wear – but they’re no less beautiful for it.

Mobler Rocking Chair:

Rescued from a rather dire paint job, Mr Mobler has been smartened up in classic black to show off his good looks.

Swedish Recliner and Footstool:

It swivels, it reclines, and you can put your feet up. It’s. So. Comfy. Looks darned good, too.

So there we have it! All pretty nice, I’m sure you’d agree. And coming up, we have a spot of Ercol (table, chairs, sideboard – which will get finished first? Who knows!), so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a wonderful week vintage lovers,

H xxx

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