November Chill

Welcome back to the blog! October was a busy one, and no mistake – but more with life events than chair events. This time of year feels to me like coming down the other side of the rollercoaster, hurtling towards the end of the year – fun and exciting and what we’ve been waiting for but man, is it fast.

The first thing I must tell you is that through Work For Good we will be supporting The Climate Coalition this month – 5% of all our sales throughout November will be donated to them at the end of the month. The solutions to the climate crisis and creating a greener, cleaner future are at our fingertips – let’s reach a little further.

The Austinsuite wardrobe didn’t hang around – making our September donation to FareShare possible. I always say, without your purchases, there is no donation! So thank you, it truly is appreciated.

On to new stock; this compact and lovely Linden Lounge chair by Eric Lyons/GA Jenkins for Packet furniture (catchy title, no?) has just been added to the website – This little stunner comes from the ‘Cromerwood’ range, and is a classic piece of British post-war design featuring a beech laminate frame for strength, the upward scoop of the arm providing wonderful ergonomics.

November’s a big month at Happy HQ – a significant birthday is on the horizon, and ‘outside’ work is due to be pretty full on too, so I make no promises on what may or may not be completed by the end of the month – we’re all just going to have to go with the flow on that one, ok? And it’s a well known fact that as long as everything is exactly the way I like it, I’m totally flexible.

Stay cool, vintage lovers,

H xxx

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