November News

Some November newness for you this week – some furniture and a new charity to support!

First off, you guys made our October donation a belter – thank you! We were able to donate 5% of all these sales…

…to Cool Earth, to support their work with local communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change. You made it possible, so THANK YOU!

This month, we’re supporting Wonder Foundation, whose mission is to empower women, girls and their communities through access to quality education so that they can transform their lives and exit poverty for good. We see the dignity of every human being as the basis for their human rights and freedom at each stage of their lives. Each person has the right to be respected and empowered to make informed decisions about their own lives and to give that same respect to those around them. Let’s make it another cracking month of donations!

To help get us on the way, we’ve just added a new Uniflex dressing table to the website!

This beauty can also double as a small sideboard, as the triple mirror is easily removable.

Double cupboard space, three drawers (one with dividers) and some pretty marquetry make this both super useful and good looking!

Have a fab week vintage fans – it’s hard right now, I know, but in the words of the amazing Lisa Congdon – Eyes forward, heart open.

H xxx

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