Our House, in the middle of our street

As of today, we have lived here in Warwickshire for exactly three years. I thought it would be fun to have a little look back at what we’ve accomplished, house-wise, in those 36 months:

Let’s start in the living room:

Ah, moving day.
Stage one…
The current state of affairs.

Moving through into the hall:

Only tried about 6 different shades of green before settling on this one…

I forgot to take a before pic here. I get too excited by the paint and just start slapping it on before properly documenting the occasion…

5 people need a lot of shoe storage. This isn’t even all of it.

Then on into the kitchen:

Words cannot describe how ready I was to change all this…
Into this!
And now this!

Quick peek out into the garden:

Little bit post apocalyptic…
Life! Hopefully, there’ll be more garden developments to share this summer.

Then on upstairs to the kids rooms:

I can’t…
Much better!

Annoyingly we don’t have a before shot of Boy Wonder’s room (presumably because we were afraid its vileness would break the camera) so you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you it was a built in wardrobe bonanza. Literally everything was attached to the walls.

It truly was awful. This was the biggest transformation.

In truth, both the kids’ rooms have changed a bit since these photos were taken, but seeing as they are the domains of 12 and 9 year olds, getting them presentable for blog photographs is more work than I can frankly be bothered to do. I’ll re-photo them at some point, for posterity, but that point is not now.

Finally, the teeny tiny office!

Again, falling short in the ‘before’ pic department…but in this case it was because it was just too boring to photograph.

Still to do – our bedroom. And, you know, a million other little jobs that aren’t quite finished everywhere else… but my goodness, what a lot we’ve changed in 3 years! The more we do, the more I realise that a home is an organic thing, growing and shifting as much as the people inside it. Which means it’s never really finished, and that’s OK. It does mean, however, that it’s really useful to REMEMBER TO TAKE BEFORE PICTURES, so you can see where all that growth and change came from.

Have a wonderful week,

H xxx

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