Parker Process


This week I thought I’d show you some of the various stages a chair goes through when it’s being revamped by us.

This particular Parker Knoll 988 is a special commission – the lovely customer in question has chosen her own (gorgeous) teal wool for the upholstery.

Here’s how this slightly unprepossessing Parker started off:

Bleurgh. But with potential…

So the first stage is to get all that old tat off, which leaves you with this:

Not much of an improvement, but it’s early days. The next step is sanding, working through the paper grades, removing all the orangey varnish to show off the beautiful pale grain underneath.

Once the fingers have stopped tingling from the sander, it’s on to fabric – all the pieces are measured out and cut, and a seat cushion assembled with brand spanking new fire retardant foam.

And that’s the stage we’re currently at – there’s still oiling, waxing, and actual upholstering to go, but look out for the finished article on Instagram later this week (hopefully!)

Have a fab week, vintage lovers,

H xxx

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