Perfect Parkers

Parker Knoll have a long (over 150 years) and illustrious history, which you can find out more about on the very informative timeline video on the their website

From furnishing the Victorian upper classes, then later the Beeb and providing a seat for the King at Broadcasting House, Parker Knoll chairs have a well deserved reputation for craftsmanship and quality.

In 1929, London born Fred Parker teamed up with German fighter pilot Willi Knoll, and they started to develop the ‘coiled steel wire spring system’ – or tension springs as we call them these days – which make Parker Knolls so comfy and long lasting.

Knoll’s tension suspension spring system was introduced on the Penshurst chairs in the 1950s (what we think of today as a classic Parker Knoll wingback chair), and the innovations continued through the next few decade with the first ‘next generation’ recliner to be available in the UK, in 1966, not to mention the now iconic Statesman group in the 1970s.

The thing about Parker Knolls is, they are such a pleasure to work on. So well made that they can easily withstand being taken apart, sanded, reupholstered in tradtional or less tradtional styles, you can replace the tension springs if needed (although this is general ony required becasue the fabric they’re attached to has worn away, not the spring intself.)

Right now, we only have one Parker Knoll in stock – the mid century rocking chair (yes, it has the still has the springs), but over the years, we have restored, renovated, commissioned and experimented on a huge number of these brilliant chairs;

Not bad for what I always use to think of as a ‘Nan chair’, eh?

Have a great week vintage lovers,

H xxx

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