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All images in today’s post are of Marthe Armitage prints via Pinterest, obviously.

Just recently, I’ve been playing around with pattern design (in a very amateur and ‘informal’ way, I might add,) which has of course necessitated endless hours researching things on Pinterest. I love Pinterest.  Many an happy hour can be spent scrolling though all the pretty pictures.  Many an hour can be spent thinking ‘well, I’m never going to make that astonishing example of craftiness, but I’ll save the picture anyway….’  I do love it. (I do not love promoted pins or ‘picked for you’ nonsense – cut that out right now, Pinterest)  And occasionally, if you follow the right people and browse the right categories, you discover things!


I recently discovered Marthe Armitage.  She’s a British designer whose hand drawn, usually botanical prints grace the most beautiful wallpapers (and sometimes fabrics).  A graduate of the Chelsea School of Art, in the 1960s Marthe wanted something different to decorate her home – so she hand printed her own wallpaper on rolls of plain lining paper, spread out on her floor.


The prints are gorgeous, of course, and detailed and imaginative and unique.  But I think what I love most about Marthe is that she just does it herself.  She has an idea in her head and then she makes it real.  She comes up with the design, she draws it, cuts it out of lino and prints it by hand.  She works from a garage-turned-studio at the bottom of her garden, with her daughter as her assistant.  Sounds completely perfect to me.


You can read a great article about Marthe and her work on The Bible of British Taste.  You can also follow The Happy Chair’s Pinterest, and you never know what you might discover!

Have a great week,

H xx

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