Rock Out

Now, it is well known that we at The Happy Chair are fans of rocking.  To music, or just quietly in the corner by ourselves…and also, in the form of chairs!

Right now we have not one but two Mobler rocking chairs on offer for you – one dark, and one light, and some might say that those two opposites provide enough shopping choice, but no!  We’ve got more…

Are you on the dark side…
…or the light?

If you want light wood, but just the gentlest suggestion of more angles than the Mobler, we have this handsome Roland Rainer option:

And then again, if in fact you’d prefer some full on cushioning, there’s always the Parker Knoll rocker – brand new foam in original upholstery means some seriously comfy rocking.

Good for your nursery, your living room, your reading nook, your bedroom – wherever you need to get your rock on. 😉

H xxx

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