Save A Snake

Happy Monday one and all! After a little break from blogging while we celebrated birthdays and generally enjoyed the sunshine, I’m back. I hear your collective sigh of relief.

We also finally got around to adding some new stock to the website – and then it sold almost instantly, so you may not have had the chance to enjoy this vintage tallboy!

He’s a handsome chap, ideally sized to provide plenty of storage without taking over the room.

Don’t worry, I suspect there’ll be more of his type along in the not too distant future.

We also added this fabulous pair of vintage bus signs (bus scrolls? Not 100% sure of the correct terminology here.) We love them so much that we’ve actually kept one for ourselves, while these two have made it on to the website.

The one we’ve kept says Savernake on it – we use to drive through Savernake forest when I was a kid, and I would have sworn blind that the sign said Save a snake. It was a a whole forest full of snakes in need of rescue, as far as I was concerned.

That’s a big part of what I love about these signs – who ever buys them will most likely have a story attached to one of these places, and they’ll bring back some kind of memory for their new owner. I love that.

That’s a lovely part about buying, selling and owning vintage things – we often hear ‘oh my parents/grandparents had one of those!’, and suddenly people are transported back to their childhoods. You just don’t get that with new stuff.

Have a wonderful week, vintage lovers,

H xxx

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