Shake It Up Baby

What’s this? A blog on a Wednesday? The world has gone topsy turvy, I hear you cry – well brace yourselves, as there are more changes afoot…

We’re having a little shake up here at Happy HQ, as I take on a little bit more work in the outside world – with our Small Ones not quite so small anymore, the time is right for a little bit of a change.

But worry not, The Happy Chair Company will continue – just as a slightly scaled back version – which means blogging will switch to monthly rather than weekly, so that I can give you all our news and updates in one big go!

So here’s all the goss for September:

First up, our charity for the month is Refugee Action – 5% of all our sales throughout September will be donated to them at the end of the month. You can read all about the crucial work they do here. We must help in any way we can.

You all did a fantastic job of making our July/August donation to WaterSmart Foundation – without your purchases, there is no donation! So thank you, it truly is appreciated.

On to new stock – through the end of August I was mostly working on a Parker Knoll commission, with a luscious bit of orange Harris Tweed:

So new website items were a bit thin on the ground – but we have added some more bright and breezy Ercol, though, just for funsies:

…and over the course of September I’ll be looking to add to that with some more colourful quakers, and possibly a second Austinsuite wardrobe, if you’re really lucky. I’m also going to try to remember to post more ‘work in progress’ style pictures on the socials, so you can see what’s coming up – if that kind of thing lights your lamp, head on over to Facebook or Instagram and make sure you’re following along!

September is of course a classic time for fresh starts and new beginnings; new schools, new terms, new friends, new experiences. There’s plenty of that going on around here, and so I’m going to try and embrace it all, with a fond and gentle wave to what we’re leaving behind. It’s all still there, after all – we’re just going to collect some new memories to add to the pile.

See you soon, vintage lovers,

H xxx

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