Spotlight On…Danish Armchair

We thought it was a Fritz…

Our love of the Mid Century Danish style is no secret, and this handsome fella fits the bill perfectly. He actually came to us from a house in Denmark, along with our Fritz Hansen armchair. Initially we were convinced he must be a Fritz too, and so we emailed a lovely chap at who very kindly searched through the archive for us – but to no avail.

However, as he is so beautifully made with all the same features as a Hansen – sprung seat (so no saggy foam) and wooden inner ‘skin’ so that he keeps his original form beautifully, we’re pretty happy that he’s an authentic, well crafted piece of Danish design.

An absolute pleasure to work on, all we have needed to do is gently revive the woodwork, refresh the upholstery with a gentle but thorough clean, and repair some minor wear to the piping. 

Even if we can’t officailly call him a Fritz, there’s no denying he’s a gorgeous chair, and as an authentic peice of Danish modern as we’ve ever had!

Have a fab week vintage lovers,

H xxx

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