Spotlight on…Finn Juhl 197 Chairs

It’s spotlight time!  This week, I thought we’d have a closer look at these wonderful Finn Juhl 197 chairs from France & Son.

Finn Juhl, as if you didn’t know, was a hugely successful Danish designer, specialising in mid century interiors and furniture.  His pieces often have a sculptural quality, and rumour has it that through his collaborations with France and Son, the use of teak wood on an industrial scale was introduced, bringing about all the fabulous teak furniture that we’re all slightly obsessed with today. 

We are lucky enough to have a complete set of 4 for sale, and they are really in fantastic condition.  Absolutely solid and sturdy in the frame, even the original vinyl shows only the tiniest of marks to suggest its age.

Not only do they look the Danish Mid Century business, but they are so comfy!  The gently padded seat and backrest make sure that you could sit in one of these bad boys for hours, having a lengthy lunch, and not get a numb bum. Or an achey lower back, in my humble opinion.

So they have design credentials, authenticity galore and are also practical and fit for purpose.  But that’s not all!  They also, due to that masterful Mr Juhl, just look damn good.  With pretty much any kind of table.

I honestly think that if you’re in the market for a set of Danish Mid Century dining chairs, you cannot go far wrong with these beauties.  And we all know that I am totally neutral and unbiased in this matter 😉


H xx

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