Spotlight On…The Oak Filing Cabinet

This week, we’re taking a closer look at the substantial 1920s to 1930’s solid oak four drawer filing cabinet. Sourced from a private house in Buckinghamshire this is a smashing original filing cabinet, made by the North of England School Furnishing company, Darlington. Equally suitable for either files or as a compact tall chest of drawers, this piece has oodles of character!

The internal carcass is straight and solid, featuring nested metal rollers to ensure smooth running of the drawers. Each drawer is fitted with a patented metal fixing to the rear to ensure that even fully laden drawers do not tip out from the frame; remarkable engineering!

The drawer fronts present in a lovely deep oak colour, rich in patina, which match perfectly to the outside of the cabinet, and are in great condition. Each drawer features the original solid brass handles and brass card holders, all of which are stamped for the reign of George the V / VI. The company label for the maker can be found to the rear of the cabinet and is remarkably well preserved.

At around one hundred years old, give or take, these are the most characterful bit of office furniture I’ve ever laid eyes on! Serious amounts of storage on offer, along with heaps of classic good looks.

Have a wonderful week, vintage lovers! 🙂

H xxxx

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