Spotlight On…Vintage school desks

It’s time for a spotlight blog post! This week, we’re focusing on the brilliant traditional school desks:

Rescued from a private school in Staffordshire, they have superb provenance. Both retain their original inkwells (one central, one to the right) and the years of use by innumerable students tell a real story, right there in the wood, which has developed a lovely patina.

It’s amazing what generations of compass points can achieve…

The lift up lids mean that these desks have built in storage – or alternatively, they could provide a discreet charging station for laptops, tablets or phones.

With hardwood desks and folding seats allied to metal frames, these characterful desks are ready to stylishly serve your young’uns for years to come – or perhaps find a new lease of life in a kitchen, or as a funky phone table in a hallway? The choice is yours!

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