Spotlight on – Vintage School Desks

This pair came from Staffordshire, and make great desk options for your young learners

This week, we’re taking a closer look at our lovely little collection of Vintage School Desks

Or, they could be utilised as a laptop table, or even a hall phone table!

We currently have three on the website – each one an individual, with its own story to tell of school days past…

This one is a little taller and narrower – possibly more suited to a small adult desk

What they all have in common however, is their super useful built in storage under the lift up lids, their original ink well holders (which I happen to think would make excellent spaces for power leads for laptops, phone chargers, etc.) and their simple but effective folding bench seats. All the features of your classic school desk!

Some have been rescued from a private school in Staffordshire, and some have come to us via individual owners – all are bursting with character, personalisation and are really pieces of living history.

Have a fab week vintage lovers,

H xxx

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