Spring Fever (kind of)

Spring is my favourite time of year.  There’s so much potential in the air, so many new possibilities as everything starts to wake up after the long winter sleep.  Colour starts to creep back into the world, and there are days (admittedly, they may be few and far between) when the sun is warm on your face.  Everything’s better with the sun on your face.

Frida’s dressed for the sunshine

Spring makes me feel like I can do all sorts of things.  I get crazy ideas in spring for things I wouldn’t even consider attempting in the depths of winter.  I get restless and a bit fidgety, like I want to DO ALL THE THINGS.

Except…you know. There’s not a lot of ‘going out and doing things’ on the cards right now. My usual sunlight invincibility feelings are little depleted. I’m actually looking forward to a bit of a slow down over the next two weeks, without my part time job and without piles of homeschool work to organise. Time to take a deep, deep breath. Maybe the Spring Fever is a bit more of a restorative this year.


There’s the garden to tinker in, of course, and no short supply of vintage goodies to work on, so there’s no fear of boredom setting in. But perhaps there won’t be such a energetic explosion this spring, more of a gentle unfurling, instead.

No blog next week, as I’ll be busy eating Easter eggs – and hopefully you will too.

Take care vintage lovers,

H xxx

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