Sweater Weather

Welcome back to our first monthly blog! How did September treat you? Busy with a side of hectic plus perhaps a dash of self isolation for good measure? Same, friend, same.

But now October is upon us, spooky season is almost here, the weather has for sure turned and the woolly jumpers are out. With the exception of the weather, these are all things to enjoy, in my book.

The first thing I must tell you is that through Work For Good we will be supporting FareShare this month – 5% of all our sales throughout October will be donated to them at the end of the month. Think about it like a mega harvest festival collection (remember those from school?) You can find out more about their brilliant work here.

You all did a fantastic job of making our September donation to Refugee Action possible – without your purchases, there is no donation! So thank you, it truly is appreciated.

On to new stock – as promised last blog, some colourful Ercol quakers have made it to the website:

Along with another fab Austinsuite wardrobe:

Over the course of October I’m hoping to work on a lovely Ercol bureau, and possibly an Ernest Race Heron chair which is destined for my living room (sorry folks, perks of the trade! But I will share photos with you…)

Ok, I’m off for a hot chocolate and to consider lighting a fire…it’s never too early, right?

See you soon, vintage lovers,

H xxx

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