The C Word

Nope not that one…or that one…the one the ends in ‘mas’.

There is a lot of buzz out there right now about shopping local and supporting independent businesses – which I 100% support and endorse. Your orders and purchases make such a huge difference to small biz owners, you’ll never know how grateful we are for each and every one of them.

With Ch****mas on the horizon, we all as shoppers have the opportunity to save those little independent business that we might have overlooked in the past.

But support doesn’t only have to come in the shape of pounds and pence – what is also incredibly valuable is word of mouth. Have you loved something you’ve bought in the past? Leave a 5 star review, or share it on social media and tag the biz. Got no money right now? Share something beautiful you’ve seen in the shop window or on the website, or comment positively on their social media posts, or like and share, or tag a friend who you think would like that business… there’s so much you can do to help a small biz without spending a penny (or without leaving home, for that matter.)

Tied in to that is this rather pleasing environmental idea of reducing our consumption – buying quality, not quantity. Buying a single, perhaps more expensive gift for someone, rather than lots of little less desired items. It’s hard sometimes to shift our mindset away from the idea of Christmas = an abundance of food/presents/people, but we’re going to have to simply a bit this year. And simple can be very beautiful indeed.

To address the elephant in the room, furniture may not top your list of traditional Christmas presents – difficult to smuggle under the tree and tricky to wrap, for sure. Just so you know, we also sell gift vouchers 😉

Ok, that’s enough C-talk for now. Back into the present moment of November – have a fabulous week!

H xxx

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