The Joker (maybe)

Some people call me the space cowboy…some call me the gangster of love…some people call me Maurice…

Maybe Steve Miller and his band were singing about Maurice Burke, space age designer. I really can’t speak for his Gangster of Love Status, but his space cowboy persona may have proved inspirational when it came to his mid century designs…

Ok, obviously I’m hypothesising little bit here, but only because there’s doesn’t seem to be much information out there about Mr Burke. He produced a number of designs in the ’50s and ’60s, largely for British manufactures Arkana. Et voilà:

The Tulip Chair (and the table that matches) are probably one of Burke’s most well known designs – and with good reason. The combination of space age materials such as plastic and fibreglass and organic shapes is a surefire winner in my book.

He also spent a period of time designing for Brazilian manufacturer Pozza, using leather, wood and chrome and coming up with beauties such as the Alpha chair, renowned for it’s comfort.

And that’s really all I can find about the elusive Maurice Burke – which to be honest is fine with me, as it means that I can happily sing The Joker in my head every time I look at these chairs.

Have a wonderful week, vintage lovers! 🙂

H xxxx

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