The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

…well, maybe. It’s tricker this year, for sure – but one thing that remains unchanged is our own little advent tradition – 25 Days of Christmas!

For those of you who don’t know, this consists of a little (or large) Christmassy activity every day until the 25th.  Some are family traditions, like the eating of Onion Soup on Christmas Eve, and the baking (and demolishing) of a gingerbread house, and some are school commitments like Christmas dinners and Christmas Jumper days.

We always make sure we squeeze in a few less intense activities like watching Christmas movies, taking Christmas photos, or just listening to some music – it’s a darned good way to get in the festive spirit, I can tell you. 🙂

Of course this year, all the activities are a bit more home-based and bit less going out and doing things – but we’ve made sure to include some days to donate to other who might be in need this time of year (schools are supermarkets are still collecting for food banks.)

But, until the big day arrives, work continues in Happy Chair land – we’ve set of utilitarian mid century Centa chairs on the way, plus a rocking chair and a coffee table that might get done in time for the festivities (I’m not promising anything. Realistic expectations are important.)

These rocking chairs are already prepared for the season…

In the meantime, if anyone is finding the stress of the season all a bit too much, may I suggest just putting the decorations on your head?  It really is a great way to stop taking it all too seriously…

You’re welcome.

H xx

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