Uniflex was not a vintage name I recognised until Mr Happy Chair (or Ben, as normal people call him) presented me with a pair of drawer units are few years ago – in case it’s a new name to you, here’s a teeny bit of background on the company:

Leaders in the Mid Century Modern style that grew in popularity after the Festival of Britain in 1951, Uniflex focused mainly on bedroom and dining furniture. Utilising the design skills of Peter Hayward and Gunther Hoffstead, their pieces become known for their sleek, modern and (at the time) cutting edge style.

They would use expensive real wood veneers, like teak or rosewood, and then in the 1960s they moved more into melamine – they were just crazy modernists like that.

At the moment we’ve got two beautiful pieces of Uniflex on the website – a gorgeous dressing table (with original mirror and glass shelf!), and a super useful chest of drawers.

Both feature lovely marquetry detailing on the drawers – a special feature which gives these pieces a little something extra.

That’s all for this week folks,

Happy vintage hunting,

H xxx

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