Up and Coming

Happy Monday one and all! I hope this blog finds you safe and well.

Over the last few weeks, things have (obviously) been a little different at Happy Chair HQ. There are a lot more people here, all day, every day, for starters. This has meant, among other things, that there’s been less of a focus on finishing and listing new pieces – much as we love it, vintage furniture hasn’t been our priority recently.

However, Mr Happy Chair has now been furloughed from his day job, meaning he’s got time galore to spend sanding, refurb-ing and refinishing! Yay! So, in no particular order we hope to be able to bring you some new beauties soon, including:

Another of these is on the way!

A heap of Ercol – a sideboard, a dining table and not one but two reclining armchairs!

Two more of these, coming soon!

Centa and Ben chairs by Ben Happy Chair!

These are Ben chairs, but the next batch are slightly different!

While he’s working on all that (I may let him actually, you know, chill out a bit every now and then), I’m hoping to spend a bit of time working on those projects of our own which always get neglected – our Greaves and Thomas sofabed for one, and our GPlan housemaster for another. I’ll let you know how that goes!

I’m very slowly coming for you, Greaves & Thomas!

So you never know, we might even have something to show you next week! (No promises though – we’re taking each day as it comes around here 😉 I might try and calm down my use of exclamation marks next week, too!)

Take care vintage fans,

H xxx

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