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Morning vintage fans!

Well, it’s morning here, anyway, and I can’t be responsible for your own reading hours – that’s your business.

My business, as if you didn’t know, is vintage furniture! And today’s blog is a quick round up of some of the fab pieces that have recently made their way onto our website.

Let’s start with some ever useful storage solutions, shall we?

These rather smart Avalon drawers offer bags of storage space along side bags of mid century style, with their sleek handles and teak veneer – what would you keep in them?

Then again, if you have serious paperwork issues, you may be better off with this bad boy –

This solid oak filing cabinet was made for kitting out schools, so is extremely capable of swallowing up all your filing requirements. Each drawer has a nifty mechanism allowing you to pull it all the way out safely, so you can easily get to the stuff right at the back.

But, perhaps you’re all set for storage, and what you really need is somewhere sweet and stylish to snuggle with your loved one/favourite pet/delicious snacks. If so, may I introduce you to the Guy Rogers two seater sofa?

With love seat proportions, this rare model (larger three or four seaters are more common) has been fully reupholstered in gorgeous blue wool, with new webbing and new foam to boot.

Waiting in the wings we have two quite different but equally fabulous rocking chairs, plus perhaps a table or two – but you’ll have to wait a little longer for those…

Have a wonderful week,

H xxx

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