Work for Good Again!

Not too long ago, (or maybe a million years ago, it’s hard to judge these days) I wrote to you about Work for Good, a fantastic organisation who make it supremely easy for small business to donate to charity, without all the legal faff that can make something simple really quite off putting.

For those of you who don’t know, Work for Good is a fundraising platform which helps small businesses donate to charity. You sign up, choose a charity (we chose End Youth Homelessness) and set up a donation – either a percentage of sales, or a specific amount related to your sales and products. Then you donate! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This was our first donation-creating item!

Well, the red velvet wingback is now sold, and our first ever donation made, hooray! And I spent a bit of time last week thinking about what other charities we could support, and the best way to go about that.

What I’ve come up with is a charity of the month kind of thing, where a percentage of ALL sales for that month will be donated to whichever group we’re focusing on. So for June, for example, we’ve chosen You Make It, a brilliant charity who offer “a creative and inspiring programme for young women to access tools, networks, experiences and the confidence to transform their lives through personal empowerment.”

I don’t want this to be just ‘pick a theme for a month then move on’, but I do want to support as many amazing organisations as I can – it’s a tricky balance. With that in mind, all the groups I have on my list are related, as they cover topics of environmentalism, gender and racial equality. There are huge amounts of resources out there explaining how these topics are connected (get Googling – intersectional environmentalism and intersectional feminism are good starting points), so I hope that there is a sense of overall cohesion to the charities that I’m choosing to support, whilst also acknowledging the individual causes.

It’s certainly not a definitive list, either, so please feel free to let me know of any organisations out there that you’d like to see The Happy Chair Company supporting.

So far this month, the sale of these lovelies has contributed to the donation we’ll make at the end of June to You Make It – shall we see if we can top it up a little?

Let’s do some good together.

Have a good week, vintage lovers,

H x

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