Work For Good

So, this week I had planned to write to you about Work for Good, a fantastic organisation who make it supremely easy for small business to donate to charity, without all the legal faff that can make something simply really quite off putting.

Then we took the decision not to send out any orders, times being what they are.

So, I can’t in good conscience tell you, ‘buy this! The proceeds go to charity!’ because buying and selling and delivering furniture are not priorities right now.

But, I can tell you about the concept. Work for Good is a fundraising platform which helps small businesses donate to charity. You sign up, choose a charity (we chose End Youth Homelessness) and set up a donation – either a percentage of sales, or a specific amount related to your sales and products. Then you donate! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We have put our Red Velvet Wingback as a donation item, with 15% of the sale price going to EYH (I’ve actually already made the donation, as I didn’t want the charity waiting) and I’m hoping, when we’re back to normal trading again, to add some more items to the Fundraising Collection.

So, do you have any suggestions about which charities we could support? Drop me an email or message on FB or Insta. We can do some good together!

Have a good week, vintage lovers,

H x

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