You Make It (and I’m grateful)

You guys! Just when I was worried our April donation to Cool Earth was going to be a little bit on the small side, you came through with your top vintage furniture purchases! Thank, thank you, thank you for enabling us to support causes we believe in. (And thank you to Work For Good for enabling small businesses to give to charities without all the legal hoo-ha.)

But May is a new month, and so next up is You Make It, a charity we have donated to before and are delighted to so do again. In their own words, here’s a little about what YMI does:

“We empower young unemployed women with the confidence, skills, networks, knowledge, and experiences needed to realise their passions and pursue their goals.

Our holistic and uplifting approach to job seeking puts individuality and self-esteem at its core. Ensuring that all women, regardless of background, have access to the same opportunities to lead happy, independent and fulfilled lives.”

To help you to help us to help them, we’ve been adding new stock to the website! Firstly, there’s the Gplan Brandon dressing table:

The perfect size for a small scale bedroom, this cutie features a sweet removable jewellery tray!

And then we come to something a little bit different…inspired by the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, where damaged pottery is repaired with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, we decided to celebrate the ‘flaws’ in this lovely Ercol dropleaf table.  A split in the elm top that we couldn’t completely close has been securely glued, and then highlighted with brass leaf.  The philosophy of kintsugi, although not generally applied to furniture, considers damage and repair to be part of the history of an item, and therefore something to be valued, rather than hidden.  We couldn’t agree more.

So with two new additonas to the team, you hopefully have plenty to choose from for your next vintage furnture acquisition!

Have a wonderful week, vintage lovers,

H xx

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